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Tattered Covers

books we've loved since childhood

Tattered Covers: books we've loved since childhood
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This community was created to discuss the young adult books we've loved since we first read them. The book list will be based on recommendations from the membership and one book will be discussed monthly. Participation is not mandatory for every title we choose and the person who recc'd the book will lead the discussion. The title up for discussion will be chosen at least one month prior to discussion, if not earlier. Announcements of which book will be up for discussion next will be saved as a memory for reference. We ask that whatever book you suggest be easily obtained either through a bookstore or library. We encourage the recommendation of various genres.

Some suggested areas to think about for discussion can be (and are not limited to):
• What drew you to the book the first time you read it?
• Why do you continue to read it now?
• How has it influenced your reading habits?
• If you write, how has it influenced your writing?
• Do you discover something new each time you read it, and if so, what?
• What is your favorite part and why?
• What is your least favorite part and why?
• What would you change in the story if you had written it?
• What about the writing style appeals to you?
• Discuss characterization, POV, plot as it moves, or doesn't move the story.
• Is there any particular time of year you read this book?
• How many times have you read the book?
• Do you often give this book as a gift?

This is not a place to post fic inspired by the books we are reading and discussing. We encourage any and all to join in the discussion and make suggestions for future books. Membership is open, but spamming, trolling, or flaming will get you blocked. We are just discussing young adult books, not acting like young adults.

Go grab that book you love so much and share it with us!